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MacDonald Meechan Notaries prides itself on establishing best practices, and maintaining a passionate, caring and experienced team to serve the community.

We are thrilled to have such a dynamic and trustworthy staff of local professionals to assist our clients.

We look forward to working with you, please contact us for trustworthy, compassionate and professional legal services.

Notary Public, M.A.

Lucy started her Notary career with MacDonald Meechan Notaries in May 2020 as a staff Notary.

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Notaries In Pitt Meadows - Nicole
Notary Public, M.A.

Nicole established MacDonald Meechan Notaries in Pitt Meadows in May of 2013. Prior to being a Notary,

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Legal Administrative Assistant British Columbia - Silvia
Legal Administrative Assistant / Office Manager

Silvia has been with MMN from the beginning in 2013.

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Conveyancing Lawyer In British Columbia - Kristi

Kristi has been one of our conveyancers since the summer of 2017.

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Best Conveyancer in British Columbia - Linda

Linda joined the MacDonald Meechan Notaries team in spring of 2018.

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Lawyers For Conveyancing in Pitt Meadows - Penny

Penny joined the MMN team with over 17 years of conveyancing experience.

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Sonja - MacDonald Meechan Notaries

Sonja joined MacDonald Meechan Notaries in the Summer of 2022 as our receptionist.

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Garett_MacDonald Meechan Notaries

Garett has been assisting in operations of MacDonald Meechan Notaries since 2013.

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We look forward to working with you. Please contact MacDonald Meechan Notaries for any of your legal services related inquiries, and we will be happy to assist you.


Sonja joined MacDonald Meechan Notaries in the Summer of 2022 as our receptionist. Sonja has 15+ years of administration work and customer service.

At the office, Sonja loves talking to clients, is quick to help and eager to learn any new task given to her.

In her spare time Sonja is a busy mom of 3 kids and enjoys every moment she can spending time with them and her partner Chris. Sonja really enjoys cooking new meals from scratch and spending time with family and friends when possible.


We welcomed Penny into our conveyancing team in the Fall of 2020, she has 17 years of conveyancing experience under her belt, and brings a vast array of knowledge to our team. Her experience, determination and attention to detail contributes to our team on a daily basis. Prior to her position with MMN, Penny worked in the banking industry for 12 years, giving her a wealth of experience from the financial sector that strongly supports her position as a conveyancer.

Outside of the office, Penny enjoys spending time with her husband and son, they have an adorable yellow lab named Captain, and they enjoy going on long walks, and connecting with family and friends.


Linda joined the MMN team in the Spring of 2018. Linda has been working as a conveyancer for over 40 years and her knowledge and expertise is an asset that many don’t have. Linda’s laughs and sense of humor lights up the office every day. She has the ability to always connect with clients during small phone conversations and instantly become best friends. Her expertise, hard working habits and personality are the perfect match to smooth real estate completions and happy clients.

On her spare time, Linda volunteers through her church, enjoys reading, singing and spending quality time with her family.


Kristi has been one of our conveyancers since the Summer of 2017. She has over 16 years of experience on the field and her efficiency and quick to solve problems is a valued asset that we see every day.

Kristi is the quiet one in the office. From the moment she arrives, she powers through her work, like a busy little bee. She is quick to tackle everything in front of her the second that hits her desk. Her soothing and calm manner along with her efficiency is the perfect combination, bringing our clients peace of mind knowing they are in excellent hands.

On her spare time, Kristi enjoys spending every little moment with her husband and three very busy boys. Some of her favorite things to do are baking, reading a good book, camping and spending time with family and friends.


Lucy was commissioned by the Supreme Court as a Notary Public in 2020 after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and completing a two-year Master’s program through Simon Fraser University in Applied Legal Studies. She started her Notary career with Nicole MacDonald Notary in May 2020 as a staff Notary and has since formed a partnership with Nicole to create MacDonald Meechan Notaries.  Lucy feels very privileged to be supported by a team of 7 individuals that are vastly experienced and are always in the pursuit of excellence for our clients.

Originally from England, she has lived in Canada with her family since 2000 and is proud to call this wonderful community her home. During her spare time, Lucy and her husband Adam enjoy spending time with their children and their horse Molly, socializing with family and friends, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.


Nicole established MacDonald Meechan Notaries in Pitt Meadows in May of 2013. Prior to being a Notary, Nicole was a police officer with the Vancouver Police Department. However, after becoming a mom to her daughters Aden and Gracie she completed her Masters’ Degree through Simon Fraser University in Applied Legal Studies and was commissioned as a Notary Public by the Supreme Court.

Nicole’s vision is to provide Pitt Meadows and its surrounding communities with professional, compassionate and trustworthy legal services. She has an amazing staff team of local skilled women who serve her clients with industry expertise and kindness through major life events.

In October 2018 Nicole was honoured to be elected to Pitt Meadows City Council. In her spare time Nicole and her husband Garett enjoy cheering on their daughters at their sporting activities, travelling with friends and hanging out with their dog Arlo. Nicole loves Pitt Meadows and is grateful to work, live and play in this special community.


Silvia has been with MacDonald Meechan Notaries from the beginning in 2013. From Will drafting, assisting with front and end of conveyancing, account management, office oversight and solving IT issues, Silvia does it all! She is also a wonderful team player and goes above and beyond to make sure everything is working smoothly. Her efficiency, competency and attention to detail is a huge asset many don’t have.

Silvia is originally from Brazil but has been living in Canada since 1998. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 boys, taking her two dogs to explore the beautiful parks around town or just having a quiet day at home with the family.


Garett has been assisting MacDonald Meechan Notaries with office management and operations since its inception in 2013. Garett, along with Nicole value Pitt Meadows as the best community to raise their family along with running their practice. Garett is an active volunteer in the community, as the Citizen-at-Large for the Ridge Meadows Parks and Leisure Commission, as well as he coaches for the Ridge Meadows Hockey Association and West Coast Auto Football Club.